The organization reserves the right to change the route at any time.

A journey, an adventure, to live alone or in company. It can be tackled in complete self-sufficiency, with a tent and sleeping bag or by leaning on accommodation facilities. A path like this that lasts a few days with many kilometers. it becomes difficult to describe it How to explain and revive the sensations I felt while I was tracing, I can only mention some places, the others will be you to discover them. I do not want to make a detailed description of the route, I will only inform you of some passages that the wheels of your Gravel will go through, the wonders of the Po Valley will leave you to discover them. The departure is always in the municipality of Gussago, going east through the city of Brescia, proceeding towards Lonato and Desenzano so that you can also admire Lake Garda, going southwards along the River Mincio to Mantua, now east go along the Po cycle path with some variations to visit countries that make you relive the film of Don Camillo and Peppone, cross the River Oglio reaching Cremona, skirt Piacenza and pass Pavia, even here we cross a river, the Ticino, still coasting for a few miles. The Po we climb towards the north and passing between expanses of rice fields we arrive at Vigevano and Abbiategrasso. Walking along the Naviglio Grande you go to the discovery of a work that the man did many years ago to bring water to the rice fields. After several km. we leave the Naviglio Grande to skirt the Villoresi Canal which, like a long road, leads us into the frenetic Milan. We leave the city to go along the river Mincio we pass by Bergamo Alta and continuing we arrive on Lake Iseo. Pedaling the last km. immersed in the hills of Franciacorta ends our adventure, reaching the point of our departure.

Lombardia Gravel 700 km - 2019

Lombardia Gravel 400 km - 2019